How to Make Money on the Web

Of course a lot of the really great ideas were already taken twenty years ago, but I am not really talking about making a hundred billion dollars, although I would hardly say no to that if it were forced on me. Instead I am looking to learn how to do things in a small way with very little time and effort involved. This is one site that I read today ( ) and they have the sort of scheme that I am really thinking about trying to put together. In essence you need to find a product, figure out how to acquire it at a bargain and then sell it at a profit. It is not as simple as that sounds, but it can be if you take advantage of existing marketplaces on sites like Amazon dot com. In fact the hard part is that you are competing with the same people who would be doing the bulk of the work.

So you need something which is going to be more or less unique, but for which there is still a real market. That is not an easy thing to find. It is a certainty that if there is a big demand for any product, then some other sharp cookie will have figured that out and met the demand for it. You want to find something no one else can give a good price on, otherwise there will be some person who is going to out compete you. It is not so difficult to think about this, but it is not so easy to figure out what you will do about this. I think that the real things you could make money upon are are just weirder versions of the same things that you can already get your hands upon.