Q. How does Thai-Stars work?
The idea is to rate each blog/website by clicking on the number of stars you believe they deserve.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, all the way up to ten. Ten is best.

And for each IP address, you have one allowed click. You can vote on as many sites as you wish, but only one time. After 24 hours you can vote again, and so on.

Q. How do I vote?
A. If you’d like to vote for a site, simply click on the stars which are displayed right next the each website. You have the choice between 1-10 stars. 1 is for a really bad site (in your opinion) and 10 is for a solid, well made and informative website. When you hoover your mouse-pointer above the stars, you’ll see a little pop-up which tells you how many stars you’ve selected. Click on ’em and voila!

Q. Is the list limited?
A. No. The list can accommodate any number of websites

Q. Do you accept websites/blogs in any language/Are all blogs accepted?
A. We care a great deal about the quality of Thai-Stars.com, so the answer is no.
It doesn’t matter which language the website “uses” as long as it is related to Thailand! To let visitors know up-front what language the site uses you might wanna put a (German) or (Thai) behind the anchor text. All submission are verified by the Thai-Stars.com Team – we don’t accept sites with illegal, pornographic or offensive content. More info on: PRIVACY POLICY | TERMS OF SERVICE.

Q. How is the top 10 determined?
A. A combination of Google’s Pagerank™, Alexa Rank and user voting determines how the list is ordered. To see your website’s position improve, vote for it and get other people to vote for it. The script is designed to be interactive, so if a site has a solid rating, it places higher than a site with a lower rating. NEW: We modified the script a little in order to give user voting a higher value than Pagerank or other factors. Only if 2 or more sites have the same amount of stars pagerank and alexa is used to determine the higher ranked one. For example: 5 users vote for a site 5 times with 5 stars – makes 25 stars in total divided by 5 = 5.

Q. Do you offer any buttons/textlinks to link Thai-Stars.com?
A. Yes, we do. You can find a selection of different banner sizes here. If you want to link to our site using a textlink feel free to do so: http://www.thai-stars.com .


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Thai-Stars.com was created for anybody interested in getting any kind of information about Thailand. We care a great deal about the quality of Thai-Stars.com and the listed websites within. Using Goole’s pagerank, the Alexa rank and user voting gives the user a greater chance to find the quality content he is looking for rather than having to spend a lot of time going through a thousand+ results if type in “Thailand” in any searchengine.

Thai-Stars.com is packed with links to the best websites about Thailand covering personal blogs, information portals, travel sites … You can find out a lot (if not everything) about Thailand. Whether you’re living in Thailand or are about to go on vacation here – you can find loads and loads of free, valuable information. If you’re constantly searching the internet for news about Thailand and don’t like hundreds of news flushing in in your rss reader you can subscribe to the newsfeed via atom/rss on the websites listed above. This way you get new posts delivered freshly into your mail’s inbox, every day.

Thai-Stars.com is made by a team of highly experienced webmasters and designers with long-year experiences. Together we share one passion: Thailand! You can see this on several websites we built, designed and maintain.